Honoring our children

My daughter was playing with something that was on my desk and broke it.  In our house the rule is that if you “remove it from mommy’s desk, you put it back” and here she broke whatever she was playing with.  Right away she started saying how sorry she was for breaking it and how much she loved me.  I had 2 choices at that point: one was to yell at her and chastise her for touching things on my desk, or choice two to acknowledge that it was just an accident and move on.  I chose number two.  I told het that it was ok and that it was just an accident and left it at that.  Then I realized that if it was my friend who did that it would not even be a question of choice-I would have just told her not to worry about it.    So what it is that makes us be so hard on our children for something we would not make a big deal with our adult friends?  What if we treated our children with the same respect and honor as we do adults?  And what if we gave our adult friends and colleagues the same “it’s ok, you are still learning” attitude of grace we have for our children?  What will it take for you to be loving and kind to and with everyone including yourself?

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