Live in the now

I love to watch kids play.  Have you ever seen kids being so swept up in the moment of life that nothing else existed for then, but what made them so happy.  What if we could learn to play from them, instead of teaching them how to “grow up and be serious”.

I cannot count how many times I have heard adults say “stop playing, be serious” when parents were trying to do something and kids were having fun while doing it.  Tonight we were getting ready for bed and I almost told my daughter to stop playing because it wa now time to go to bed.  So I stopped myself and simply asked her if she was ready.  My big “Aha” moment was the fact that I realized that it was not me who wanted her to “be serious” but a voice from the past.

What would it take for us as parents to function from the “NOW” moment, be fully present and to choose our own way of parenting our kids, the way that makes us and our children happy?  Would we be willing to stop listening to the voices of the past and be fully present here and now?

Till next time 🙂

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