A flick of the wrist…

Today was talking to a friend and he made a comment about watching magicians like David Copperfield or Chris Angel do magic.  At first our mind (the logical part or left brain) wants to figure everything out.  Then we finally give up trying and just receive the fun and awe of the trick with the right side of our brain.  We know that somehow what just happened was magic, a flick of the wrist, an optical illusion and yet it seems so real it freaks some people out.

What if our life was just like that?  What if everything we see with our eyes was just an optical illusion created by our thoughts?  And what if what we thought were our thoughts were not even ours, but every idea, point of view and belief we collected from everyone and everything around us?  Wow!!!!!  How weird and freaky is that?!

Yet, somehow this makes sense to me.  I heard an interesting statement recently and although it came from a very credible source, it felt really heavy and judgmental to me.   That was my moment of choice: will I choose to align with their point of view or resist it?   I chose neither.  I recognized that I simply had an awareness of the judgment and just let it be without making the statement mean anything.

Are you tired of living on someone else’s illusion of reality?  What stops you from being you and living from your own knowing?  Will you come play with me on the playground of Consciousness?

Love,  Marina

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