What else is possible?

In Access we learn how to live in the question. I know that for some it may seem really different and difficult to ask questions, or to not have all the answers. We learn from parents, teachers, employers and everyone else that we have to have answers all the time. I often hear parents tell their kids: “Answer you teacher” (or another adult that is asking the question). What if we could learn to ask questions? How many more possibilities would we have open to us? Are you willing to find out?

So the first question I’d like to share with you is: “What else is possible?” Whenever something “good” or “bad” happens, what if you were to ask “What else is possible here?”. What is the worst that can happen?

In the Course in Miracles we learn that the Holy Spirit asks for a “little willingness” to create miracles in our lives. What if we could demonstrate our little willingness to see things differently by asking “What else is possible here?”

So what else is possible here? Are you willing to join me on the playground of Consciousness on the Journey beyond words?
Love, Marina

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