Archive | June 3, 2012

Access Facelift Special

I am offering a two week special on the Access Energetic Facelift–$75 for a one hour session (this is more than 50% off the regular price). Do you know anybody who would like to have this phenomenal experience and would let them know that I have a special offer? Would you like to give someone a gift that they will love?

The special begins May 30 thru June 15th. The first 7 people who schedule an appointment will have the option of scheduling a second appointment for themselves at the same low price of $75 or receiving 10% of series of 5. If you refer someone to me and they purchase the series of 5, you too can receive the session for $75.

What is your body asking for?

I have recently attended 2 classes where I learned how to have a better connection to my body and some awesome processes to facilitate not only mine by other’s people bodies as well.  How many times a day do we ignore our body and eat something it does not want?  Have we ever truly heard what our bodies are trying to tell us?  What if we could only ask the body what it wanted and it would tell us?  Could it be that easy?

I would like to invite all of you to honor your body and invite it to be your loving partner.  What else is possible for you?