Honoring your body

When your body is talking to you can you hear it? When was the last time you honored your body?

As I continue my journey with Access, I am learning to be a better listener to what my body is trying to tell me. I have learned to use the tool of muscle testing and body pendulum to have clearer communications with  it. I wish I could say that I now listen to my body all the time, but I don’t. I still override it at times when I want to eat chocolate or drink some coffee, when my body does not require or desire it. How do I know my body does not want it? I ask it: Body would you like to eat or drink this (fill in the blank with the food in front of you)? Oh, and the body lets me know that it did not want the coffee by making me hyperactive or giving me indigestion after I eat the food.

So next time you are about to eat something, won’t you take a minute and ask your body what it would like to eat? You might be surprised. I invite you to play with this tool and find out how to honor your body with every bite of food you inject. Please share with us your results and what is your body’s favorite food.

Thanks for playing,

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