Question of the day

If I were truly creating the joy of living today, what would I choose right away?

Today I am scheduled to attend/conduct a¬†new member orientation at my daughter’s pre-school program so this question is going to be really useful ūüôā

I choose joy, peace, ease and having fun meeting all the new parents.

What would you like to choose right away?




Question for today

As you go about your day today, what if you were to ask this:

How many ways can I be kind to my body today?

I wonder…

Will you ask?

Will you come back and post your comments/observations tonight?

I’d love to hear from you,



self love

What’s new in my world

Things have been shifting and changing in my world so quickly and miraculously.¬† I could not have imagined in January and I would be where I am now.¬† And it is still a work in progress ūüôā

In May of this year, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist¬†and EFT practitioner.¬† Woo-hooo!¬† More tools to add to my¬†tool belt ūüôā

Around the same time, I also discovered my love for drawing abstract pictures and for painting.¬† It has been such joy to explore it ūüôā¬† And some say, I am pretty good.¬† I just do it for fun!

Then I started playing with my love of photography and discovered one of my no-longer-hidden talents: seeing the essence of the person in front of me and seeing their unique beauty, even when they cannot see it at the moment.  And being able to bring it to the picture.  This gift has blossomed in Costa Rica, during a class I attended in the beginning of August where I have over 10 private photography/energy clearing sessions with amazing people.  It was so much fun and I got paid for it.  I had fun on the job!  How does it get any better than this?!  Talk about the joy of business! (Thank you Gary Douglas and Simone Milasas)

As I continued to explore the possibilities, 2 weeks ago I attended the class called The Symphony of possibilities¬†(SOP) ¬†with Dr. Dain¬†Heer.¬† Wow!!!!! What a world changer.¬† What a gift!!!!!! I am so grateful beyond words for Dr. Dain¬†Heer and for all of my amazing and talented classmates.¬† I have seen such miracles and changes in my life in just 2 short weeks.¬† During that class, I also created and held my very first “Lights, Camera, Where did you go?” class.¬† It was so much fun and I loved facilitating people with a camera.¬† There was so much laughter and transformation in that class, and don’t forget pictures ūüôā¬†¬†¬† During the SOP class, I was also¬†learned to tap into and work with¬†my own energy¬†and the gift/transformation that it can be¬†when I¬†facilitate¬†my clients.¬† Since coming back from this class, my private sessions have been more potent, more fun and just more of what else is possible.¬† I continue to ask more questions and create, create, create.

So, as I look to the last few month of 2013, I am excited and alive, happy and full of wonder and possibilities.  I wonder, would you like to come and play in this realm of infinite possibilities and unlimited joy?   Come and join me, or not.  Whatever you choose, I invite you to create YOUR life, a life of JOY, and live of choices that honor YOU.

What contribution can I be to you today?

In gratitude for each in everyone of you!



What are the infinite possibilities

Today, I was offered a challenge-creating a landing page for an upcoming event.  I had some idea where to begin, but there was not a lot to go on.  So I asked questions: What would it take for this to be easier that I could have possibly imagined?  What are the infinite possibilities for accomplishing this with ease?

As I asked those questions, more choices opened up and I saw a possibility  of creating a landing page myself.  In the past, I would not even consider it, or even know where to begin.  And today, I chose something different.  And I did it!!!!!!!!  The best part it that it works.

As I get ready to go to bed tonight, and look back at this fun, eventful and exciting day, I ask myself one last question: How does it get any better than this?

Good night my friends,


Do you love your morning coffee?

If you love your morning coffee, but have been nervous about its effects on your brain health, I have exciting news!
Here’s the story…
Today I received an interesting email and here it is for you.  Enjoy:

It turns out that coffee may help lower your risk of having a stroke, especially if it’s a regular part of your diet.
A new study, just published in Stroke: the Journal of the American Association, seems to show that the more coffee (or green tea) people drink, the lower their risk of having a stroke.
This is especially good news because, aside from water, coffee and tea are the most popular beverages in the world. Here’s just some of what the study uncovered:
People who drank at least one cup of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of stroke.
People who drank at least one cup of coffee per day had a 32% lower risk of intracerebral hemorrhage (this condition causes about 13% of strokes).
People who drank 2 to 3 cups of green tea each day had a 14% lower risk of stroke.
DESIGN: The study examined the coffee and green tea drinking habits of over 82,000 adults, between the ages of 45 to 74, and followed them for an average of 13 years.
CONCLUSION:¬† Dale Webb, D.Phil., says: “We welcome this study, which suggests that the benefits of antioxidants in coffee and green tea offset the potential harm from caffeine. The results demonstrate¬†higher consumption of green tea and coffee might reduce the risks for stroke, especially for intracerebral hemorrhage.”
SUGGESTION: As in all things, moderation is recommended. If you already drink a cup of coffee each day, this study seems to show there’s no reason to change that behavior. In fact, your morning coffee may be helping protect you from a stroke!
To your health, Alyson Rodgers

(to learn more about Alyson, visit her website:

No wonder I love my coffee ūüôā

With ease, joy and glory


News worthy-a gift for you

This weekend I completed a professional hypnotherapy course.  It was a lot of fun, and tons of great info to even better help my clients.  I am so blessed and happy to be doing the work I do.  Every day, I ask myself: How did I get so lucky to do the work I absolutely love?  How does it get any better?

My birthday is this week and to celebrate it, I am giving away 4 (FREE) hypnotherapy sessions in the month of May.  Have you ever wanted to try hypnosis but never got to doing it?  What is now the time?

For details email me directly at and may all of life come to you with ease and joy and glory.

In gratitude for you,