News worthy-a gift for you

This weekend I completed a professional hypnotherapy course.  It was a lot of fun, and tons of great info to even better help my clients.  I am so blessed and happy to be doing the work I do.  Every day, I ask myself: How did I get so lucky to do the work I absolutely love?  How does it get any better?

My birthday is this week and to celebrate it, I am giving away 4 (FREE) hypnotherapy sessions in the month of May.  Have you ever wanted to try hypnosis but never got to doing it?  What is now the time?

For details email me directly at and may all of life come to you with ease and joy and glory.

In gratitude for you,


A different perspective on relationship

Today I would like to share with you an article by a friend and a phenomenal artist Jason Astoria.  Please enjoy 🙂  I know I did.

A Brief, although perhaps Tedious, Philosophical Exploration of Relationship from the Perspective of Access Consciousness

by Jason Astorquia, 6/27/2012

Hello, Infinite Being, how do you be? Yes, that is correct, I am talking to you…you expansive, amazing, infinite being of magnitude.
What does it feel like to be addressed as an Infinite Being? Are you open to the possibility that you are One with the infinite space between the molecules of everything that is? Does that feel light to you? Is that hitting on something you’ve always known to be true, but that somehow this reality convinced you could not truly be? Hmmm…
So, let’s just say that you are an Infinite Being, okay? Now, here you are, in this reality, looking for, searching for, seeking that amazing relationship. Sound familiar?
Relationship is defined as the state of being connected or related. And the thing about connection is that, given you are an Infinite Being, wouldn’t that first require separation? So, in order to create the illusion of relationship, of connection, what is first required is separation. You, the Infinite Being, must separate a little part, capacity, facet of you from you, call it something else, and then search for it. Fun game? Or not?
Funny thing about this reality…we come in knowing we are Infinite, showing up to go again, to dissolve the illusion of separation, to dissipate the judgments and conclusions that are binding up and locking in the fantasies, insanities, and scripts from which this reality operates. But, from the moment we enter, this reality starts the printing process, looping us back into the matrix.
You are this. You are that. You are not this. You are not that. You believe this. That is good. That is bad. That is right. That is wrong. Judgment, judgment, conclusion, judgment, definition, judgment, separation, judgment.
Every judgment, conclusion, decision you align and agree with or resist and react to creates a point of view. The thing about a point of view is that it eliminates the possibility of anything that conflicts with that point of view from showing up for you. So the conclusion that you lack some capacity, aspect, or facet of you, the thing you are seeking in a partner or relationship (to make you whole), that you will not allow to show up, because it conflicts with your points of view, is locking you up, Catch 22.
So, whatever part, capacity, or facet of you that you’ve separated from you, that you are not willing to have, that you are looking for, that you must reject if it does show up because you will not allow yourself to have it or be it, would you be willing to dissolve the barriers you’ve erected in you now?
Once you allow yourself to be yourself, you can have, receive, and be whatever you choose.


The view from my office in Costa Rica

How does it get any better?

I am sitting outside in the café area listening to the sound of the ocean and russian music (I know, it is a rather strange combination).  I love the sound of the surf breaking against the land surf and the russian folk music has always brought me joy.   The air is warm and moist.  All the hotel guests are asleep and only the front desk and security guard seen to be awake.  Yet, this place is full of life and energy.

Have you ever noticed how many beautiful places are on this planet?  I know this for sure:  Right now, this very moment I am in paradise.

Who wants to join me?  And what else is possible when we live life from joy?



How does it get any better than this?

Today I had a phenomenal time sharing tools of Access Consciousness with members of Alternative Health Care Providers in Long Beach. During our conversation we talked about using questions in order to create different possibilities. Allow me to share some our discussion with you.

What questions can we ask? There are so many. We can begin with: What else is possible? Or How does it get any better than this? or even “What question can I ask here?”

So next time something awesome happens in your life, would you be willing to ask: How does it get any better than this? Similarly, if you are dealing with a difficult issue, or something comes at you unexpectedly, use the same question again. The idea behind it is to get out of the conclusion and decision and invite something new into your life.

How would that look like practically, you ask. Let’s take traffic, for example. You are driving along and all of a sudden the traffic on the freeway just stops. We now have several options: “Not again!” is one of them. “I can’t believe this!!!!!”. “I will be late!” “This is crazy!” or “I hate traffic”. Does that sound familiar? I know I have said something similar a few times in my life. However, now I offer you a different choice. “What else is possible here?” “How does it get any better than this?” “What would it take to make it to my appointment on time?”

So next time you are faced with a choice, I invite you to pause for just a minute and choose from joy. What would you like to create in your life? What else is possible?

Thanks for visiting,

Conscious eating

Have you ever stopped for just a moment and asked yourself if you were hungry right before you ate?

For example, you are out with friends who are ordering food and you find yourself ordering a meal, even though you ate just before coming out? Or when you are at work and lunch time comes around, do you automatically go to eat lunch because everyone around you does?

What if in that moment, right before you are about to go on autopilot, you could ask yourself: Do I really require any food right now? Body, are you hungry? And if your body tells you that it is hungry, ask your body is it likes the feeling of hunger. What is the worst that could happen? You can always go eat.

This is something I have been playing with lately and I find that I am not eating nearly as much as I used to. I go into the kitchen thinking that I should eat something, ask my body and leave without consuming anything or just drink water. What if we could honor our body by not making it eat when it was not hungry? How would that change your life and living?

Till next time and thanks for playing.
What contribution can I be to you today?


Honoring your body

When your body is talking to you can you hear it? When was the last time you honored your body?

As I continue my journey with Access, I am learning to be a better listener to what my body is trying to tell me. I have learned to use the tool of muscle testing and body pendulum to have clearer communications with  it. I wish I could say that I now listen to my body all the time, but I don’t. I still override it at times when I want to eat chocolate or drink some coffee, when my body does not require or desire it. How do I know my body does not want it? I ask it: Body would you like to eat or drink this (fill in the blank with the food in front of you)? Oh, and the body lets me know that it did not want the coffee by making me hyperactive or giving me indigestion after I eat the food.

So next time you are about to eat something, won’t you take a minute and ask your body what it would like to eat? You might be surprised. I invite you to play with this tool and find out how to honor your body with every bite of food you inject. Please share with us your results and what is your body’s favorite food.

Thanks for playing,

What is your body asking for?

I have recently attended 2 classes where I learned how to have a better connection to my body and some awesome processes to facilitate not only mine by other’s people bodies as well.  How many times a day do we ignore our body and eat something it does not want?  Have we ever truly heard what our bodies are trying to tell us?  What if we could only ask the body what it wanted and it would tell us?  Could it be that easy?

I would like to invite all of you to honor your body and invite it to be your loving partner.  What else is possible for you?



How much fun did you have today?

I had a phenomenal time meeting new and connecting to “old” friends and infinite beings at the Alternative Health Care Options meet up in Long Beach tonight.    I love sharing tools of Access with people and see how they light up with joy and laughter as they realize that they have a choice in creating live and living.  How does it get any better than this?  Who else wants to come and play with me on the playground of consciousness on the journey beyond words?