A different perspective on relationship

Today I would like to share with you an article by a friend and a phenomenal artist Jason Astoria.  Please enjoy 🙂  I know I did.

A Brief, although perhaps Tedious, Philosophical Exploration of Relationship from the Perspective of Access Consciousness™

by Jason Astorquia, 6/27/2012

Hello, Infinite Being, how do you be? Yes, that is correct, I am talking to you…you expansive, amazing, infinite being of magnitude.
What does it feel like to be addressed as an Infinite Being? Are you open to the possibility that you are One with the infinite space between the molecules of everything that is? Does that feel light to you? Is that hitting on something you’ve always known to be true, but that somehow this reality convinced you could not truly be? Hmmm…
So, let’s just say that you are an Infinite Being, okay? Now, here you are, in this reality, looking for, searching for, seeking that amazing relationship. Sound familiar?
Relationship is defined as the state of being connected or related. And the thing about connection is that, given you are an Infinite Being, wouldn’t that first require separation? So, in order to create the illusion of relationship, of connection, what is first required is separation. You, the Infinite Being, must separate a little part, capacity, facet of you from you, call it something else, and then search for it. Fun game? Or not?
Funny thing about this reality…we come in knowing we are Infinite, showing up to go again, to dissolve the illusion of separation, to dissipate the judgments and conclusions that are binding up and locking in the fantasies, insanities, and scripts from which this reality operates. But, from the moment we enter, this reality starts the printing process, looping us back into the matrix.
You are this. You are that. You are not this. You are not that. You believe this. That is good. That is bad. That is right. That is wrong. Judgment, judgment, conclusion, judgment, definition, judgment, separation, judgment.
Every judgment, conclusion, decision you align and agree with or resist and react to creates a point of view. The thing about a point of view is that it eliminates the possibility of anything that conflicts with that point of view from showing up for you. So the conclusion that you lack some capacity, aspect, or facet of you, the thing you are seeking in a partner or relationship (to make you whole), that you will not allow to show up, because it conflicts with your points of view, is locking you up, Catch 22.
So, whatever part, capacity, or facet of you that you’ve separated from you, that you are not willing to have, that you are looking for, that you must reject if it does show up because you will not allow yourself to have it or be it, would you be willing to dissolve the barriers you’ve erected in you now?
Once you allow yourself to be yourself, you can have, receive, and be whatever you choose.