What is your body asking for?

I have recently attended 2 classes where I learned how to have a better connection to my body and some awesome processes to facilitate not only mine by other’s people bodies as well.  How many times a day do we ignore our body and eat something it does not want?  Have we ever truly heard what our bodies are trying to tell us?  What if we could only ask the body what it wanted and it would tell us?  Could it be that easy?

I would like to invite all of you to honor your body and invite it to be your loving partner.  What else is possible for you?



A point of view

In both Course in Miracles and Access, I have been learning that nothing happens to me and that I create everything I see around me. Gary Douglas says it this way:”Your point of view creates your reality, your reality does not create your point of view.” In the Course we learn that there is no power outside of us.

So what exactly does that mean for you and me? Well, if your life has not been great up to this day, you are the one creating it. This is actually great news because now you have the power to change it. So ask yourself: What is not working in my life anymore? What would it take for _______ to change? It also mean that if you everything is working for and in your life, you have also been creating that. So how does it get event better?

Case and point: I was at the friend’s house recently and she has an older cat who is the boss of the house. Then I had other friends come in with 2 young puppies who were very energetic and a little nervous in the new environment (at least according to the owners). When the cat and the dogs met it was a little tense and the dogs started to run after the cat and the cat ran away. Cat’s mom became nervous and unhappy about the situation and asked that the dogs be kept outside in their crate. Well, as the day went on and she stepped away, the dogs seemed to relax and chill out and the cat came out and started hanging out with our group. We were running bars that day and the cat lay on top of the person on one table and the dogs were atop a person on the other table. All of the people and animals were totally blissed out.

So what is the point of the story, you ask. The point is that cat’s owner had a point of view about a cat being intimidated by the dogs and the cat was (in the beginning). The dog owner had a point of view about how the puppies will behave and they did exactly what was expected of them. I chose to have a point of view that the dogs and the cat would be just fine together and I got to experience what I chose. We always get to experience what we believe in.

So next time you are about to go into a conclusion or a judgment about something before it even happens, just remember: It is your point of view that creates your reality, not the other way around.

For instance: What is your point of view about traffic on the 405 at 5 pm? And how is that working out for you?
Would you like to make a different choice?

You are always at choice. Choose what works for you.

And if you forgot how to choose for you, call me and I’ll help you remember 🙂
Love, Marina

What else is possible?

In Access we learn how to live in the question. I know that for some it may seem really different and difficult to ask questions, or to not have all the answers. We learn from parents, teachers, employers and everyone else that we have to have answers all the time. I often hear parents tell their kids: “Answer you teacher” (or another adult that is asking the question). What if we could learn to ask questions? How many more possibilities would we have open to us? Are you willing to find out?

So the first question I’d like to share with you is: “What else is possible?” Whenever something “good” or “bad” happens, what if you were to ask “What else is possible here?”. What is the worst that can happen?

In the Course in Miracles we learn that the Holy Spirit asks for a “little willingness” to create miracles in our lives. What if we could demonstrate our little willingness to see things differently by asking “What else is possible here?”

So what else is possible here? Are you willing to join me on the playground of Consciousness on the Journey beyond words?
Love, Marina

Light and Heavy

One of the first tools that Access ConsciousnessTM teaches is called “Light and Heavy”. The way we use it is this: we ask a question or read an energy of a situation and ask: “Does that feel light or heavy to you?” Sounds pretty uncomplicated, right? Yet, I have heard several people tell me that they do not know if something feels light of heavy to them. They are just not sure.

So I would like to share this awareness with you, and hope that this will help to clarify the “Light and Heavy” tool for you. Think of a time when you were really happy and everything was just “right” for you. Tap into that energy and feeling now. What does that feel like to you? Where do you feel it in your body? What words would you use to describe it? Some people call it bright, effervescent, “right”, knowing, feeling of lightness in their whole body, ease of being, or people totally at peace.

Now, please think of a time when someone judged you for the choices you make, or lied to you and you knew it was a lie, or another situation that was so not who you Be. Tap into that feeling (don’t worry we don’t have to stay there long). What does that feel like to you? Is it heavy, dark, sticky, feels like a knot in the stomach or solar plexus area, uneasy, week, viscous, and dense? What words would you use to describe it?

So now you know what your terms for “Light and Heavy” are. Remember, there is no right or wrong here. Next time when you feel that feeling in your body in response to a statement or an idea, you will have an awareness of whether what is being said is true for you or not. Having an awareness, you can than choose again what works for you.

Thank you for joining me on the playground of Consciousness on our Journey Beyond Words.
Love you all, Marina

A flick of the wrist…

Today was talking to a friend and he made a comment about watching magicians like David Copperfield or Chris Angel do magic.  At first our mind (the logical part or left brain) wants to figure everything out.  Then we finally give up trying and just receive the fun and awe of the trick with the right side of our brain.  We know that somehow what just happened was magic, a flick of the wrist, an optical illusion and yet it seems so real it freaks some people out.

What if our life was just like that?  What if everything we see with our eyes was just an optical illusion created by our thoughts?  And what if what we thought were our thoughts were not even ours, but every idea, point of view and belief we collected from everyone and everything around us?  Wow!!!!!  How weird and freaky is that?!

Yet, somehow this makes sense to me.  I heard an interesting statement recently and although it came from a very credible source, it felt really heavy and judgmental to me.   That was my moment of choice: will I choose to align with their point of view or resist it?   I chose neither.  I recognized that I simply had an awareness of the judgment and just let it be without making the statement mean anything.

Are you tired of living on someone else’s illusion of reality?  What stops you from being you and living from your own knowing?  Will you come play with me on the playground of Consciousness?

Love,  Marina

Live in the now

I love to watch kids play.  Have you ever seen kids being so swept up in the moment of life that nothing else existed for then, but what made them so happy.  What if we could learn to play from them, instead of teaching them how to “grow up and be serious”.

I cannot count how many times I have heard adults say “stop playing, be serious” when parents were trying to do something and kids were having fun while doing it.  Tonight we were getting ready for bed and I almost told my daughter to stop playing because it wa now time to go to bed.  So I stopped myself and simply asked her if she was ready.  My big “Aha” moment was the fact that I realized that it was not me who wanted her to “be serious” but a voice from the past.

What would it take for us as parents to function from the “NOW” moment, be fully present and to choose our own way of parenting our kids, the way that makes us and our children happy?  Would we be willing to stop listening to the voices of the past and be fully present here and now?

Till next time 🙂

Honoring our children

My daughter was playing with something that was on my desk and broke it.  In our house the rule is that if you “remove it from mommy’s desk, you put it back” and here she broke whatever she was playing with.  Right away she started saying how sorry she was for breaking it and how much she loved me.  I had 2 choices at that point: one was to yell at her and chastise her for touching things on my desk, or choice two to acknowledge that it was just an accident and move on.  I chose number two.  I told het that it was ok and that it was just an accident and left it at that.  Then I realized that if it was my friend who did that it would not even be a question of choice-I would have just told her not to worry about it.    So what it is that makes us be so hard on our children for something we would not make a big deal with our adult friends?  What if we treated our children with the same respect and honor as we do adults?  And what if we gave our adult friends and colleagues the same “it’s ok, you are still learning” attitude of grace we have for our children?  What will it take for you to be loving and kind to and with everyone including yourself?

I place the future in the hands of God-reflections on Lesson 194

I love this lesson. Often when I read it I say: I place my future in the hands of God.

Can you believe that we are actually in the year 2012? I remember the whole Y2K expectation that the world will end or something cataclysmic would happen. I also remember that nothing happened. It seemed like it was just yesterday. Now we are in the year 2012-the year when the Mayan calendar ends, and people are expecting something “big” to happen. I heard a lot of programs where experts, and psychics, and religious leaders made dire predictions for 2012. I have to admit, there is a part of my mind that really loves the thought of death and disaster. So I wonder, who does that belong to? As an infinite being, the Son of God, would I choose death? What if I was just tapping into the energy of the world of illusions?

Let me ask you: What are you expecting from this year? Have you bought into the idea that we are doomed? Or are you willing to make another choice?
In the lesson 194, it say: “Accept todays idea (the future is in the Hands of God/Source/Universe/Sprit), and you have passed all anxiety, all pits of hell, all blackness of depression, thoughts of sin, and devastation brought about by guilt. You are saved, and your salvation thus becomes the gift you give the world, because you have received”. What does that feel like to you when you read this? Does it feel light or heavy? Is there a place in your life you are not willing to receive salvation because you would have to let go of guilt? Everything that is times a godzillion, will you please destroy and uncreate? Right/wrong, good/bad, POD, POC, all 9, boys, shorts and beyonds.

“God (Source/Universe/Spirit) hold you future as he holds your past and present” says paragraph 4. “You are but asked to let the future go, and place it in God’s Hands. And you will see by your experience that you have laid the past and present in His Hands as well, because the past will punish you no more, and future dread will now be meaningless.” That sounds light and peaceful to me. I am willing to have that instead of pain and worry. The future and the past are not real and only this moment exists. Blink and it is gone. What if I choose what was light, peaceful and compelling every 10 seconds and did that again and again. Does the future matter if you live in the present? I often watch children at play and I realize that for them there is only now. I think that’s why when you tell a young child “No” they cry-they don’t have a concept of time or what it means to delay something. So what would it be like if we could be totally present? Does that go against everything we were taught being an adult and growing means? Whose realities would living in the now and our total choice and total trust in our Source invalidate?

Going back to the lesson, in paragraph 7 we read:” What worry can beset the one who gives his future to the loving Hands of God? What can he suffer? What can cause him pain, or bring experience of loss to him? What can he fear? What can he regard except with love? For he who has escaped all fear of future pain has found his way to present peace, and certainty of care the world can never threaten. He is free to choose again when he has been deceived; to change his mind when he has make mistakes.”

Then we read:” Place, then, your future in the Hands of God. Now are we saved indeed. For in God’s Hands we rest untroubled, sure that only good can come to us.” What a beautiful promise God gives us. I say Yes to that.

As we step into the year 2012, will you join me in choosing peace and placing the future as well as the past and present in the Hands of God? How different would this world be if more people made the choice of peace? What will your life look like if you place the future in the Hands of God? Thank you for joining me on this journey.

In love and gratitude,

Lessons from the dance class

My 3-year-old daughter had her first ballet/tap dance class today and I had a very interesting awareness while the class was going on.  All of the other little girls were standing in a nice line listening and following teacher’s directions, while my amazing wild child was doing circles around all of them.

My initial reaction was to go in and tell her to follow orders and get in line but I stepped back and watched the whole thing unfold.  As the class went on, I started laughing as I observed the interaction.  It was very funny and the teacher remained completely unphased by the whole thing.  She would bring Sasha in line from time to time and just carry on with the lesson.  I realized that she was just going with the flow of the class while I attempted to control my child’s behavior.  I was also going in to the judgment and wrongness of me because of my child’s behavior and how it made me look bad in front of other adults.

Then I stated asking questions (which is one of the first tools of Access).  Why was I so worried that my child was not standing in line nicely and quietly?  Who was more interested in the dance lessons-me or Sasha?  What would happen to Sasha if she does not follow directions or even quits the class?  What would happen to me if she fails her first dance class?  What secret agendas about the class and Sasha’s requirement to start classes early to succeed in life do I have?  And most importantly: Did she enjoy the class?

Both Access Consciousness and Course in Miracle teach us to live in the question and not in the conclusion or judgment of ourselves or others  and I learned a valuable lesson from my 3-year-old today.  She did not know the steps or stand in line, but she enjoyed every minute of the class.  She played and laughed and was pure joy to watch.  And she cried when it came time to leave the class.  In short-she loved it.  So what would it take for us to get out of the judgment of us and laugh, love and enjoy playing the game we call life?  And what can we learn from people we thing we have to teach?

Love and blessings, M.