Sound Therapy

Behind every voice, there is a wealth of information that is relevant to the healing process and to having a life of ease, joy and glory.

There are 12 tones in the musical scale and these tones are also present and vibrating in the human body and are expressed by our voice. Each tone has a significant role to play; emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The tones are activated by our speaking voice and other sounds we hear around us.  Through Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis, I am able to find what tones are underactive or overactive for a person.   Once I identify the frequencies broadcasted or not broadcasted through an individual’s voice, I then use Sound Therapy to clear and balance the body’s energy field, physically and emotionally. The benefits of Sound Therapy are numerous (both in personal life and in business), and the healing process is simple and can be done while you sleep. As certain tones are activated within the body’s subtle energy system, powerful results are experienced both physically and emotionally.

Isn’t it true that certain types of music make you relaxed, other happy, energized and even more hopeful? What about nature sounds? When you watch the sunset with the calms waves gently crushing on the ocean shore how does that make you feel? Or the wonderful chirping of a bird while taking a walk in the forest? That’s the power of sound! For centuries monks have used meditation based on sounds, being fully aware of their beneficial influence on your thoughts.

Here are some of the benefits of Sound Therapy:

  • Relax your body and mind
  • Reduce stress and tension, decrease anxious feelings
  • Create a more productive work environment
  • Achieve your goals and targets with greater ease
  • Use sound therapy for babies and kids to create more peace and facilitate learning
  • To find and ideal candidate for a job or to find the job where you will excel
  • To have greater awareness of your body
  • To release excess body weight
  • To create happy relationships
  • It’s fun and easy!

To learn more and to experience a Sound Therapy benefits for yourself please contact me through the contact me tab 🙂

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